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In this Parador you will feel that you are back in the Middle Ages. Thick stone walls, arches, armour and spears adorn this castle which was founded in the 10th century by the king Sancho el Fuerte of Navarre in the early days of the Christian re-conquest. 

The defensive appearance of the thick walls conceals a magnificent interior. The immense naked stone of the courtyard stands out, as do the beautiful views of the French coast and the sea which may be enjoyed from the splendid terrace or from some of the bedrooms.

Charming nooks and crannies, spaces adorned with arches, wrought iron and coffered ceilings surround the guests in an atmosphere of indescribable beauty. Lances, cannons and armour make up the interior decoration offering an air of historical elegance.

Go for a stroll around the fishers neighbourhood of Hondarribia. Also visit the City Hall and the Sanctuary of Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe only 3 miles away from the Parador. 

The castle of San Telmo on the cape of Higuer and Mount Jaizquibel in the lower Bidasoa river boast some wonderful views not to be missed.
Discover the "Semana Grande" (Grand Week) of Donostia / San Sebastian which starts every August 14th. Enjoy the Main Feasts of Virgen de Guadalupe taking place in Hondarribia on September 8th which include a procession known as Alarde, commemorating a victory of the city over the French in 1638

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