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North Island in the Seychelles has made a name for itself as the leading proponent of "barefoot luxury". From the half-unbuttoned shirt of the absurdly good-looking general manager, Martijn Brouwer, to the cowrie-shell fronds that act as bathroom doors, this is a place designed to appeal to rich people and members of the royal family, who find pomp unrelaxing.

On North (as its familiars call it), there are no mealtimes or even menus: food is discussed with an executive chef on arrival. Choosing a wine means wandering into a well-stocked cellar and picking one out. Every diving or fishing expedition is arranged just for you.

There's no signing for anything – or indeed signs. The only rules are along the lines of "Don't sit on the tortoises". To prevent hatching turtles heading in the wrong direction, all lights are banned near beaches.

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